Apple Cinnamon Cake.

ASD Mummy with issues.


A dear friend of mine in the States, posted this recipe on Facebook, and I just had to try it – with my usual adaptions to make it slightly less unhealthy!

The link my friend sent me was from a Facebook page called Welcome Home,, and they got it from       I hope that covers where it came from so let me tell you how to do it!!!

As usual, I have tried to change an American recipe using cups into one that I find easier to use, and so my measurements are in grams.      I’m sure if I used cups all the time I would get used to them, but I am never confident about if I have over or under packed the cup, so it works best for me to translate it!

75g brown sugar (don’t substitute this as you need the caramel effect)

1 teaspoon…

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