Hot Diggerty Dog.

ASD Mummy with issues.

Every since having children I havent been able to say hot-dog, without singing hot diggerty dog in my head.   For those who have not got recent pre-schoolers, Mickey Mouse and his Clubhouse friends sing the terrible song at the end of each episode.     It just gets into your head, and stays there ready to burst out with little prompting!

Now, ask me what my favourite food is and I will say sausages.   I don’t like really meaty premium ones, just cheapy ones that are probably more rusk than meat.     I’ve always loved them, and I must say both boys have inherited my taste buds on this!    D of course will eat most things with little fuss.    If he says he doesn’t like something, then the truth of the matter is that he doesn’t like it.     M on the other hand is very suspicious of new foods.    He knows…

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