For the love of cheese.

I like cheese, but have a pretty limited pallet when it comes to the ones I enjoy.      I am not keen on anything with a very strong flavour, and I really don’t understand the sourness of goats cheese.

I have made my own cheese with some success and there is something very satisfying about turning a bottle of milk into something to enjoy in a sandwich!!

Hubby doesn’t like cheese!    Well, that’s what he thought until I taught him that you don’t know if you like something until you have actually tried it!!    He now eats some cheese, but mostly ones with added flavours such as chillies.    His mother is still shocked when she sees him eat it!

M used to live on cheese when he was a toddler, but suddenly decided he didn’t like it and wouldn’t touch it for a long time, even going as far as picking it off pizza rather than risk eating it.     We a lot of persuasion , he was conned into trying pizza with cheese and decided he did actually quite like it.   He will now happily tell you that he likes cooked cheese but doesn’t like it “normal”!     I think that is a great compromise and I am sure eventually we will be able to get him to once again try more options.     As my Dad would eat uncooked cheese, but hated it melted, I can understand like it one way and not the other.

D on the other hand loves cheese.    He has been a major part of helping me experiment with making cheese.     He is very open at trying new foods, and is extremely honest about how he feels about them once he has tried them – if he doesn’t like something, you certainly know about it!!      I think he has quite a good pallet for one so young, as he can describe flavours in a way that can make me think about what is going on in my mouth – I can only imagine he will become a wine snob when he is old enough!!!        He has been actively trying new cheeses, and has several favourites amongst the regular British cheese we find in the supermarket.       I love a market, as something I grew up with as being a regular part of shopping, but in this part of the country, they don’t have them like they do down south – something I do miss, and so when I am somewhere that has a market, or I see an announcement for a farmers market, I do like to go.     The boys have both become used to my excitement when I’m heading to a market, and they have learned to enjoy them too as they know markets usually mean new and exciting foods will be available.      If there is sampling, then all 3 of my boys are in their element – yes I do include Hubby in this!

While on holiday we went to a fabulous local produce market.     It is amazing to see M particularly loose inhibition and ask to try things – he was in his element at one stall with flavoured honey and struck up quite a rapport telling the man at the stall why certain ones were better than others.   Needless to say I ending up spending a small fortune on jars he is now enjoying, not just on toast but just out of the jar!!!       D headed straight to the cheesemonger, and was trying flavours he probably wouldn’t eat if they weren’t in cheese, like one with pieces of onion in, which he loved.      We also bought sausages that tasted like meat, rather than flavoured rusk, locally smoked bacon, and Hubby decided he should sample the local brew and returned with a box of beer bottles.

Another day we went to an indoor permanent market.     Once again, D headed for the cheese.     He decided there were a few he thought he would like to try, and so I bought small wedges of these.   He then spotted the comedy holy grail of cheeses and decided he had to have some.   What cheese I hear you ask?     Stinking Bishop!        While I knew it was a real cheese, I had never encountered it before,      I agreed it needed to be tried, and asked for the smallest piece they had.     It was vacuum sealed, which should have been warning enough!   We waited until we got home to open it, and sure enough the smell was enough to make D say he didn’t want to actually eat it.      The stench was vile!      I was going to be brave, after all, the money had been spent and it would not just be a waste of cash, but of opportunity.      Old person also agreed to try it.     With fingers tightly pinching noses we let it in!       I was really surprised how creamy it is, and the taste wasn’t too bad.    I then removed the fingers from my nose and got the full pungency in my throat.     It was not a particularly pleasant experience, but I could say I had tried it.     D was persuaded to give it a go.    He looked like he was going to be sick with one tiny nibble.      He said he was never going to have it again, but was proud to say he had actually tried, and he would tell everyone!   there was a really pride in an odd achievement!

While I feel we have to experience things to know if we like them or not, I would strongly recommend you think seriously as to if this is something you really want first hand experience of.



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