Neils Coriander Chicken.

Let me first explain the name of this dish. We call it Neils Coriander chicken, because it is one of the few dishes my Hubby can confidently cook, and it turns out right pretty much ever time – he is not the best cook, so it is impressive he has such a lovely signature dish!

The recipe evolved from an Ainsley Harriot recipe he found on the BBC Food website – goodness knows why he was looking there, but he was, and got it into his head he was going to make it. I kept well out-of-the-way, as I heard the banging and crashing and occasional swear word coming from the kitchen. Eventually we were called to the table, and what he put in front of us looked revolting! I can’t be any more tactful about this plate of bright green chicken that was served to us! It smelled amazing though, so we politely smiled and took a taste. Well, what can I say? They say we begin to eat with our eyes, well that wasn’t true here, as the flavours were amazing. It was a real wow moment. Everyone finished their plateful, and insisted he cooked it again – when I later looked in the kitchen and had to clean it, the though of him cooking again wasn’t such a good one.

Since then, he has made this dish on many occasions, and the boys happily help. It is a dish I am not allowed to attempt, as it is mans cooking – all they would need is a barbecue to be totally in their element!

you will need –
6 cloves garlic
4 tbs chopped coriander
1 tsp ground pepper
2 tsp castor sugar
2 limes – juiced
2 tsp worchestshire sauce
1 tbs light soy sauce
1 tbs oil
4 skinless chicken breasts

Put all the ingredients apart from the chicken in a liquidizer and whizz to make a sauce.
Place the chicken in a flat bowl, and cover with the sauce.
Allow to marinade for no more than 2 hours.
Cook at 180c for approx. 35 mins – until cooked through.

Is that not really simple?
There are of course a few cheats that have been  added along the way.

If the quality of the fresh coriander in the shop isn’t up to much, then it works great with the preprepared chopped coriander in the jar. Same goes for using the pre-pureed garlic – the amount of garlic may seem a lot but it isn’t an over powering flavour when its finished. Also, honey is easily interchanged with the sugar, as it is just there to counteract the sharpness of the limes.

The original recipe had a lot more pepper in it, and it was quite overpowering, but reducing it to just a teaspoonful makes for a lovely balanced flavour.

The recipe is really easy to adjust for smaller of larger quantities, and I would say it’s definitely worth doing more than you want for a main meal, as it is lovely cold sliced into a sandwich with a pile of fresh salad!

If you try it, don’t be put of by the colour, just wait until your taste buds are hit by the amazing flavours.


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